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Year 2021 List of Climbers and Wall Shrubs 
(Plus some tender conservatory plants)

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ABUTILON 'Hinton's Seedling' 10.00 Ht 12' Long lax stems, free flowering over long season, red orange pendant flowers.
ABUTILON 'Kentish Belle' 9.00 Ht 12' Long lax stems, orange and soft yellow flowers, over a long season.
ABUTILON 'Marion' 10.00 Orange bowl shaped flowers on a bushier evergreen shrub, long season
ABUTILON megapotamicum 9.00 Ht 12' Long lax stems, ideal for walls, red and yellow pendant fls for 12 months of the year,
ABUTILON x millerii 9.00 growth habit like the above, flowers larger, seldom out of flower on a warm wall.
ABUTILON 'Nabob' 10.00 Stiffer more upright growth, large deep red flowers all year, evergreen.
ABUTILON 'Wisley Red' 9.00 Deep reddy orange pendant bells good dark foliage, Evergreen
ACONITUM hemsleyanum 10.00 Herbaceous climber, hooded violet flowers late summer and autumn.
AKEBIA quinata 10.00 Vigorous, hardy, semi-evergreen. Flowers deep red purple very fragrant Flowers in March And April, 
AKEBIA quinata cream form 12.50 as above with cream flowers
AKEBIA x pentaphylla 10.00 Vigorous hardy climber fragrant deep purple red flowers in spring
AKEBIA trifoliata 10.00 Vigorous hardy climber fragrant deep purple red flowers in spring
AKEBIA longiracemosa 12.50 Neater evergreen leaves and larger flower racemes make this a beautiful new climbing plant introduction
ANREDERA CORDIFOLIA syn. BOUSINGAULTIA 12.50   Once smelt in late summer the reason for growing this slightly tender climber will be obvious.
ARAUJIA sericifera 10.00  Numbers of creamy white and pink sweetly scented fls will fill the conservatory with fragrance, evergreen.
BERBERIDOPSIS corallina 15.00 Climber with Sealing wax red flowers, leathery evergreen leaves 
BIGNONIA capreolata 12.50  Evergreen climber with orange flowers in early summer, hardy + Bignonia  Dragon Lady 15
BOMAREA edulis syn hirtella 10.00 Yellow salmon and black flower clusters, Tuberous climbers
BUDDLEJA colvilei 'Kewensis' 10.00 Grey leafed evergreen with large (for a buddleja) red flowers in May June
BUDDLEJA lindleyana 10.00 Shrub A smaller Buddleja with suckering habit, fls deep purple scented on tips of shoots in late summer.
BUDDLEJA madagascariensis 12.50 Shrub yellow scented flowers in winter, tender.
BUDDLEJA salvifolia 9.00 Shrub Grey felty leaves, Honey scented violet flowers winter and spring, slightly tender.
BOUGAINVILLEA cv 15.00 Long season of Pinky red flowers, this cultivar appears one of the hardier cultivars but best under glass.
CALCEOLARIA pavonii  12.50 Tender evergreen perennial, yellow flowers in late summer.
CAMPSIS radicans 10.00 Strong growing climber, attaches by means of aerial roots, Large brilliant orange scarlet fls in clusters Aug/Sep

CLEMATIS 'Abigail'  12.50  pink, free July to Sep. Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS "Abundance" 9.00 Deep pink, free July to Sep. Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS 'Alba Luxurians' 9.00 white July to Sep. Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS "Aljonushka" 10.00 Pink bells July to Sep, 8' Herbaceous, Hard Prune
CLEMATIS "Arabella" 9.00 Mauve blue, free flowering July to Sep, 6' Hard Prune
CLEMATIS "Avant Guard" 10.00 Red with fluffy white centres June to Sep 12' Hard Prune
CLEMATIS "Bal Maiden" 12.50 Lots of small deep pink flowers July to Sep hard prune any aspect.
CLEMATIS 'Betty Corning' 10 Scented light blue nodding fls, Hard prune, any aspect. 15'
CLEMATIS 'Black Prince 10.00  Deep purple black flowers July to Sep, Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS "Blue Angel" 9.00 Light blue fls, July to September Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS "Blue belle" 10.00 Deep purple blue fls, Aug to Oct. Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS 'Blue Boy' 10.00 Purple blue fls July to Sep. Hard Prune, viticella type
CLEMATIS 'Brocade' 12.50 Deep pink textured fls, July to Sep, Hard Prune, viticella type
CLEMATIS 'Burford Princess' 12.50 July to sep, hard prune, viticella type.
CLEMATIS "Caerulea Luxurians" 10.00 White nodding flowers with violet staining, July to Sep. hard Prune, aspect-not north.
CLEMATIS 'Carmencita' 9.00 Red flowers July to Sep, Hard Prune. Viticella type

CLEMATIS campaniflora 15.00 species, small white flowers July to Sep

CLEMATIS 'Carlien' 12.50   pink, free July to Sep. Hard Prune. Viticella type

CLEMATIS 'Carmencita' 10.00 Deep pink/red, July to Sep, hard prune, viticella type.
CLEMATIS 'Chacewater' 10.00 pale lilac pink and white, July to Sep. hard prune, viticella type
CLEMATIS 'Charlie Brown' 12.50 Deep pink/red, July to Sep, hard prune, viticella type.
CLEMATIS 'Chatsworth' 12.50 Pale blue with darker blue stripes, July to Sep, hard prune, viticella type

CLEMATIS chiisanensis 12.50 species, pale lemon bells spring on
CLEMATIS 'Cicciolina' 10.00 Pink and white, july to Sep, hard prune, viticella type
CLEMATIS 'Cornish Spirit' 10.00 Pinky purple, July to Sep, hard prune, viticella type
CLEMATIS 'Danae' 12.50  Purple blue and white, July to sep, hard prune, viticella type
CLEMATIS Durandii 12.50 Large purple blue flowers all summer, non climbing habit, hard prune
CLEMATIS 'Eetika' 9.00 Deep pink July to Sep, hard prune , viticella type.
CLEMATIS "Elvan" 9.00 Small purple nodding fls July to Sep Hard Prune . Viticella type
CLEMATIS "Emilia Plater"9.00 Light mauve blue July to Sep Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS 'Entel' 9.00 light pink July to Sep, hard prune, viticella type.
CLEMATIS Eriostemon 10.00 Nodding blue bell flowers in summer, non climbing habit, Hard prune
CLEMATIS "Etoile Violette" 9.00 Free purple blue, Jun to Aug Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS 'Etoile Rose' 15.00  OS pink nodding bells July to Oct, Hard Prune, viticella type
CLEMATIS "Foxtrot" 10.00 Violet and white small nodding flowers, July to Sep, Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS 'Gravetye Beauty' 12.50 Red tulip shaped flowers July on, Hard Prune, texensis type
CLEMATIS 'Hagelby Pink' 10.00 Pale pink July to Sep, hard prune, viticella type
CLEMATIS 'Hagelby White' 12.50 White nodding
CLEMATIS 'Hanna' 10.00 Blue nodding
CLEMATIS 'Heather Herschell' 10.00 Pink nodding fls, July to Sep, Hard Prune, viticella type
CLEMATIS "Huldine" 10.00 White fls with hint of pink, late summer Autumn Hard Prune.
CLEMATIS 'Inspiration' 10.00 Like Durandii but in pink, non climbing habit, Hard Prune
CLEMATIS "John Treasure" 10.00 Nodding red purple flowers July to Sep. Hard prune, any aspect.
CLEMATIS "Jouiniana praecox" 9.00 Masses of small white tinged flowers August to November, Hard Prune, any aspect.
CLEMATIS "Kaaru" 9.00 large nodding deep pink flowers June to August, hard prune any aspect.
CLEMATIS 'Kathryn Chapman' 10.00 Cream yellow flowers, July to Sep, hard prune, viticella type
CLEMATIS "Kermesina" 9.00 Good free flowering Red July to Sep Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS "Killifreth" 10.00 Purple & white nodding flowers July to Sep, any aspect hard prune
CLEMATIS 'Lambton Park'  10.00 Scented yellow flowers July to October good seed heads, hard prune, Tangutica type
CLEMATIS "Last Dance" 10.00  Larger yellow lanterns than type lightly scented of orange Peel, July-Oct.15-20'.
CLEMATIS 'Lavender Twirl' 12.50
CLEMATIS 'Little Butterfly' 9.00 Purple bells July to October, hard prune, viticella type
CLEMATIS "Little Bas" 9.00 Purple nodding flowers in profusion July to sep. Hard prune ,any aspect.
CLEMATIS "Little Nell" 10.00  White and wine flowers July to Sep. Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS "Madam Julia Correvon" 10.00 Medium pink fls like splayed tulips July to September Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS "Margot Koster" 9.00 Deep pink fls, July to September Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS "Mary Rose" 15  Double amethyst flowers July to Sep, Hard prune aspect-not north.
CLEMATIS "Minuet" 9.00 white purple edged fls. July to Sep Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS montana "Broughton Star" 9.00 Double deep pink form May and June, 20' No Prune
CLEMATIS montana "Freda" 15.00 Deep pink and scented good foliage, May and June. 15' No Prune 
CLEMATIS montana 'Pink Perfection' 9.00 Pink strongly scented, May June, 20', No prune
CLEMATIS montana "Tetrarose" 15.00  Large deep pink scented, bronze foliage, 20' No Prune
CLEMATIS montana "Warickshire Rose" 9.00 Deep pink shading to white flowers, bronze foliage. Ht 20' No Prune
CLEMATIS montana "Wilsonii"  10.00 White scented flowers from June, later flowering, Ht 20' No Prune
CLEMATIS "Mrs T Lundell"  9.00 Nodding pink flowers July to September Hard Prune. 
CLEMATIS "Pagoda" 9.00 texensis X viticella. pale pinky lavender fls. July on. Hard Prune, viticella type
CLEMATIS 'Pendragon' 10.00 Scented violet purple bells, July to September, viticella crispa cross, hard prune.
CEMATIS "Perle d' Azur" 12.50 blue flowers July to Sep. Hard prune any aspect.
CLEMATIS "Polish Spirit" 9.00 Easy vigorous and free flowering, July to October Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS 'Poldice' 10.00 Beautiful amethyst blue and white flowers July to September, hard prune, viticella type.
CLEMATIS "Prince Charles" 10.00 Lavender blue July to September Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS 'Princess Diana' 10.00 Long season of bright Pink tulip shaped flowers June On, hard Prune
CLEMATIS "Purple Haze" 9.00 A mass of flowers July to October, Purple young growth Hard Prune Viticella type
CLEMATIS "Purpurea Plena Elegans" 9.00 Double purple, free flowering, July to September Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS rehderiana 25.00  Cowslip shaped and scented light yellow fls in late sum. big, Hard Prune
CLEMATIS "Royal Velours" 10.00 Velvety Purple fls, July to Sep 15' Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS "Sodertalje" 9.00 Large red fls July to September 15' Hard Prune. Viticella type.
CLEMATIS "Tango"10.00 Red and white flowers July to Sep Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS 'Tim's Passion' 10.00 Purple and white nodding
CLEMATIS x triternata Rubro-marginata 10.00 Masses of small white scented flowers. with red edges in Late summer 20' Hard Prune, viticella type
CLEMATIS "Vanessa" 9.00 Mauve blue nodding flowers, July to Sep, Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS "Venosa Violacea 9.00 Purple and cream flowers July to Sep Hard Prune. Viticella type
CLEMATIS "Ville d' Lyon" 9.00 Red 10cm, July to Sep, 10'. Hard Prune
CLEMATIS viticella 10.00
CLEMATIS "Walenburg" 9.00  Red and white nodding flowers Hard prune any aspect.
CLEMATIS "Warsaw Nike" 9.00 Purple 15cm May to September Hard Prune
CLEMATIS 'White Magic' 10.00 White July to Sep, hard prune, viticella type.
CLEMATIS 'Zolibe' 9.00 Pink and white nodding flowers, July Sep, Hard prune
CLERODENDRUM myricoides 'Ugandense' 10.00 OS Tender evergreen shrub blue flowers all year
CLYTOSTOMA callistegoides 12.50 Evergreen tender climber Large lilac fls in summer.
COBAEA pringlei 10.00 Beautiful big white flowers in large amounts in Late summer and autumn Herbaceous Climber
CORONILLA valentina 10.00 Shrub small to medium evergreen, south or west walls. Scented yellow fls Winter and Spring.
DICENTRA scandens 10.00 Perennial climber with yellow fls summer and autumn, cool moist root run.
DREGEA sinensis 12.50 Scented white flowers in summer. Vigorous climber. Hardy in the south and west
ERCILLA volubilis 10.00 Evergreen, self clinging climber scented fls in Spring.
EUPATORIUM ligustrinium 10.00  Aromatic evergreen shrub, scented white flowers in Late summer.
FUCHSIA boliviana 10.00 Large leaved evergreen with long red flowers summer and autumn, tender
FUCHSIA paniculata 10.00 Large leaved evergreen, panicles of fuchsia pink flowers all year, tender
GELSEMIUM sempervivens 12.50 Evergreen twiner, large scented yellow trumpet flowers in spring, best under glass or sunny wall in south and west.
HARDENBERGIA violacea 112.50 Evergreen climber racemes of blue fls in spring
HEDYCHIUM's  coccineum var. angustifolium, densiflorum,  gardnerianum,  greenii, spicatum,  'Tresco Hybrid' (chrysoleucum?)
 yunnanense All to order only and 9.00
HIBBERTIA aspera 10.00 Small leafed climber with golden yellow buttercup like flowers, evergreen, needs a warm wall.
HIBBERTIA scandens 12.50 Much larger in all its parts than the above, golden yellow fls 2-3" across in summer, best in conservatory
HOLBOELLIA coriacea 10.00   Evergreen twiner with highly scented bunches of cream/green flowers in spring.  

HOLBOELLIA coriacea Terehane form 15.00 a very free flowering form of the above species

HOLBOELLIA coriacea Dark Form 15.00 Highly scented darker flowered form of above

HOLBOELLIA latifolia 15.00 Evergreen twiner, Pink scented flowers in spring, large edible fruits in Autumn
HOYA carnosa 15.00  Waxy evergreen leaves, scented bunches of flowers in summer
HUMULUS lupulus "Aureus" (golden hop) 10.00  A hardy herbaceous twiner, 6M lovely yellow colour ,and hops in autumn!
HYDRANGEA quelpartensis 15.00  Similar to petiolaris but smaller in all its parts. (also self clinging with scented white flowers)
HYDRANGEA seemannii 15.00  Evergreen self-clinging climber, shiny leaves and white lace cap type fls in summer, needs shelter.
IPOMOEA indica 10.00 Tender climber large blue flowers all summer and autumn.
ISOPLEXIS canariensis 10.00 Evergreen shrub, orange flower spikes all summer
JASMINUM angulare 12.50 Evergreen shrub/climber scented white flowers in summer, tender.
JASMINUM azoricum 12.50 Scandent shrub/climber, inside it fls nearly all year with strongly scented white fls, evergreen.
JASMINUM dispermum 12.50 Large trusses of sweet scented flowers Spring and Autumn, Evergreen, slightly tender
JASMINUM grandiflorum 15.00  Strongly scented evergreen climber with very large white flowers Autumn to Spring
JASMINUM humile 'Revelutum' 10.00 Evergreen shrubby climber, large scented yellow flowers
JASMINUM mesnyi 10.00 Evergreen, double yellow flowers in spring.
JASMINUM officinale affine 10.00 A strong growing climber 6-9M, fls large white and heavily scented. Buds pink June to Sep.
JASMINUM polyanthum 10.00 vigorous evergreen twiner, very fragrant white tinged pink fls March to June , best in shelter.
JASMINUM sambac 15.00 Large very. scented white flowers July to October, tender, best in cold conservatory.
JASMINUM X stephanense 10.00 A hybrid similar to "officinale" but with pink scented flowers, hardy.

KENNEDIA microphylla 10.00 OS Terracotta pea like flowers in early summer, evergreen twiner, slightly tender.
LAPAGERIA rosea  range of sizes and prices from 30.00  Evergreen twiner, large waxy cherry red flowers Autumn to Spring, best in cold conservatory out of full sun. 
LATHYRUS latifolius 10.00 perennial pea, mixed seedlings white, pale pink or deep pink
LONICERA acuminata  9.00 Narrow neat leafed evergreen
LONICERA alsuemoides 10.00 Shiny leaved evergreen
LONICERA X americana (true)  17.50 scented pink and cream flowers carried in a mass July on, very attractive.
LONICERA X brownii  10.00 A Semi-evergreen climber, orange red fls from spring to early aut, not scented.
LONICERA caprifolium 10.00 Early flowered pink and creamy yellow, lovely scent ,April/May, hardy.
LONICERA caprifolium "Anna Fletcher" 15.00 As above but larger all yellow flowers. 
LONICERA etrusca "Superba" 10.00 A very vigorous twiner, which likes a sunny spot cream flushed red and fragrant fls in Summer.
LONICERA etrusca "Donald Waterer" 12.50  Red and white flowers
LONICERA giraldi 12.50 furry leaved evergreen small red flowers
LONICERA henryi 9.00 A vig. evergreen with long leathery leaves, fls smallish yellow heavily stained brick red, not very fragrant,
LONICERA hildebrandiana 20.00 Large tender evergreen climber scent yellow flowers in summer
LONICERA X italica (syn. X americana Hort.) 10.00 A vigorous and free flowering honeysuckle, clusters of pink red and yellow scented flrs April to July,
LONICERA japonica "Acumen" 9.00 A fast growing evergreen, with highly scented fls carried in pairs in the leaf axles, pale yellow, June to November.
LONICERA 'Manderin' 10.00 Gorgeous orange flowers in June
LONICERA periclymenum 9.00 This form is very vigorous and free flowering with cream and yellow flowers and very scented, in flower June to Nov.
LONICERA periclymenum "Belgica",(early Dutch honeysuckle) 10.00 Highly scented red and yellow flowers May June and July.
LONICERA periclymenum "Graham Thomas" 9.00 Lovely free flowering form of our wild honeysuckle, highly scented.
LONICERA periclymenum 'Red Gables' 9.00 Good red form of Belgica summer flowering
LONICERA periclymenum "Serotina" (late Dutch or late red honeysuckle) 10.00 highly scented red purple flowers July-Oct.
LONICERA periclymenum "Sweet Sue" 9.00 Highly scented all cream yellow flowers in summer, shorter/ bushier than the species
LONICERA x purpusii 'Winter Beauty' 9.00 OS Highly scented white flowers in winter. semi evergreen Shrub
LONICERA rupricola var syringantha 9.00 Highly scented pink flowers in spring, Shrub
LONICERA sempervirens 10.00 an evergreen red flowered honeysuckle, not scented
LONICERA sempervirens 'Cedar Lane' OS very large red flowered form of above with striking blue gray foliage
LONICERA similis var delavayi 9.00 large leafed evergreen, scented white & cream flowers July on
LONICERA subaquelis  OS large leafed honeysuckle with bunches of yellow flowers in summer followed by prominent red fruits
LONICERA x tellmaniana 9.00 Deep golden yellow flowers in early summer
LONICERA tragophylla 'Maurice Foster' 15.00  OS , large deep yellow flowers in summer Bronze tinge to foliage
LOPHOSPERMUM erubescens 10.00 foxglove like pink flowers carried on evergreen growth all year under protection
MACFADYENA unguis-cati (syn. BIGNONIA) 10.00 Evergreen self clinging climber for cold greenhouse, sun, large yellow fls.
MALVASTRUM lateritium 9.00  Herbaceous climber/trailer, very pretty peachy pink mallow like fls in sum-autumn.
MANDEVILLA boliviensis 12.50  Evergreen climber, red flowers July to December 
MANDEVILLA laxa 15.00 Climber, scented white flowers in late summer
MARSDENIA oreophila 15.00  Evergreen climber scented white flowers slightly tender.
NERIUM oleander "Rosea Plena" OS Shrub Evergreen shrub, double pink scented fls Sum. to Aut, best in cold conservatory overwinter.
PANDOREA jasminoides 12.50 Evergreen twiner large white trumpet flowers with pink eye all summer.
PANDOREA jasminoides alba 12.50, An all white form of this reliable evergreen climber for conservatory or warm wall
PANDOREA jasminoides "Rosea Superba" 12.50 evergreen for cold conservatory large pink fls in large numbers from Jun to Oct.
PANDOREA pandorana 12.50 Evergreen twiner, large trusses of cream white fls in spring, cold sheltered wall
PANDOREA pandorana "Golden Rain" 12.50  Bunches of golden yellow fls spring and summer, Evergreen fine cut foliage, best in cold conservatory.
PARTHENOCISSUS henryana 10.00 lovely self clinging climber grown for its attractive tri-coloured foliage
PARTHENOCISSUS quinquefolia (true Virginia creeper) 10.00 Self clinging but does better in trees etc. than on walls brilliant autumn colours. Hardy.
PARTHENOCISSUS tricuspidata "Veitchii" (Boston ivy) 10.00 Often referred to as Virginia creeper. Three lobed leaves purple young growths and brilliant autumn colours. Hardy. Small leafed form.
PASSIFLORA "Amethyst" 12.50 Vigorous and very free, lovely Amethyst colour, evergreen in the conservatory,
PASSIFLORA 'Betty Myles Young' 12.50 frost resistant evergreen climber
PASSIFLORA x caeruleoracemosa 12.50 Similar in habit to AMETHYST, with flowers more like CAERULEA in shape the flowering season is very long. Fl'r colour is a definite dull red
PASSIFLORA caerulea 10.00 A deep blue form of the passion flower. A vigorous evergreen , fls large deep blue and white slightly fragrant late summer
PASSIFLORA caerulea "Constance Elliot" 10.00 As above but flowers pure ivory white, free flowering.
PASSIFLORA X exoniensis 15.00 Red long tubed hanging fls in summer on, spectacular.
PASSIFLORA matthewsii alba 15.00 Tender evergreen climber.
PASSIFLORA mollissima 15.00 Rose pink long tubed flowers 3" across June to Oct. Ht 20'
PASSIFLORA tarmaniana 12.50 Tender evergreen climber hanging pink flowers in summer.
PILEOSTEGIA viburnoides 15.00  Evergreen Self clinging climber, White flower clusters in summer,
PLUMBAGO auriculata (syn. capensis) 12.50 clusters of deep blue flowers throughout summer and autumn. it can be a vigorous plant.
PLUMBAGO auriculata "Alba" 12.50 As above but flowers white, plant generally bushier and not so large.

Roses are all on their own roots (IE No suckers)

ROSA "AMERICAN PILLAR"  9.00 ROSA x oderata 'Mutabilis'  12.50 
ROSA banksiae banksiae 12.50 ROSA "PAUL TRANSON"   10.00
ROSA "Barbier Rose"   10.00 ROSA "PINK BOUQUET"  12.50
ROSA Bengal Crimson 12.50 ROSA "RAMBLING RECTOR"  10.00
ROSA "Bleu Magenta"   10.00  ROSA RAMBLING ROSIE 10.00
ROSA bracteata   15.00  ROSA SMARTY  10.00
ROSA DR HUEY 15.00  

SALVIA gregii 9.00 Herbaceous red flowers summer till Christmas, protect from frost.
SALVIA involucrata 'Hadspen' 9.00 Evergreen sub shrub with long spikes of vibrant pink flowers late summer & Autumn
SCHISANDRA grandiflora  20.00 OS Vigorous hardy climber soft yellow flowers in early summer
SCHISANDRA propinqua sinensis 10.00 Hardy evergreen
SCHIZOPHRAGMA hydranoides  15.00 OS A hardy self clinging climber, refined member of the hydrangea family
SCHIZOPHRAGMA integrifolia  20.00 OS Large hardy self clinging climber, spectacular in flower
SENNA corymbosa 10.00 Evergreen shrub, large clusters of bright yellow flowers in late summer
SINOFRANCHETIA chinensis 12.50 Hardy white stemmed climber , small scented purple flowers followed by edible fruits
SOLANUM laxum "Album" (S. jasminoides 'Album')10.00 A fast growing Semi evergreen climber, white flowers with yellow beaks in bunches mid summer to first frost,
SOLLYA heterophylla  12.50   OS Small bushy evergreen climber, blue bell flowers all year, warm site or winter protect

TECOMA capensis 10.00 Tall evergreen shrub, orange red flowers in winter
TEUCRIUM fruticans 9.00 Shrub Evergreen lax shrub with silver grey foliage and light blue fls over a long season, slightly tender (out of stock)
TIBOUCHINA heteromala syn grandifolia 10.00 OS  Evergreen shrub large clusters of purple flowers in Autumn.
TIBOUCHINA paratropica 10.00 Herbaceous, comes from below ground to produce 3-4' stems covered in white flowers all Summer and Autumn, tender.
TIBOUCHINA urvilleana 10.00 . Shrub Robust shrub with silky leaves, red buds and large purple fls in late summer through. Aut and Winter, tender.
TRACHELOSPERMUM asiaticum 12.50 Evergreen self clinging climber, scented flowers in summer
TRACHELOSPERMUM  jasminoides 'Majus' 10.00 Evergreen scented climber, self clinging. Best on a wall
TRACHELOSPERMUM  jasminoides Variegata 12.50 Evergreen scented climber, self clinging. Best on a wall
VITIS coignetiae 10.00 Large leafed vine
Vitis 'Black Hamburg 9.00 Black eating grape, Hardy
VITIS 'Muscat of Alexndra' 9.00 White eating grape, Hardy ripens best in a warm position
VITIS vinifer 'Purpurea' 10.00 Purple leafed vine
VITIS vinifer 'Spetchley Red' 10.00 Scarlet red leaves in autumn
WISTERIA floribunda 17.50 (Roseland house form) Long racemes (2' or more) of lilac blue pea like flowers are fragrant and produced in may and June. these plants grown from cuttings,
WISTERIA floribunda 'Black Dragon'OS with darker blue flowers in long racemes
WISTERIA floribunda Alba, OS  a white form with long flower racemes
WISTERIA floribunda 'Hon-Beni' OS  a long flowered pink form

Please contact us before sending in an order,
Email  or Phone 01872 560451 we have done our best to remove those plants we will not have this year but we do not have everything on this list all the time! (and sometimes we have things that don't make it onto the list)