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Clematis 'Poldice'

 Clematis 'Poldice was named by us in 2006 after a local tin mine, this lovely strong growing plant was grown from a batch of seed off Clematis 'Black Prince' we believe it probably crossed with its neighbour Clematis 'Danae' due to this parentage it has been placed in the viticella collection. Growth is strong and healthy, it is happy in any aspect and flowers profusely on new growth, so can be hard pruned in winter. The flowers are a shade of violet blue surrounding a white centre, they nod downward on long stems and it makes an excellent cut flower. I have found this cultivar one of the most difficult to photograph as the shade of violet/blue/purple is not only seen by different people as different colours but changes during the flowering season and with the aspect of the plant. All 3 pictures below are an accurate colour representation!

Clematis 'Poldice' was given an Award of Garden Merit AGM by the RHS in early 2013

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