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Holboellia coriacea

A vigorous hardy evergreen climber with highly scented flowers in spring. Female flowers are greenish and male cream from pink tinged buds in separate bunches. Hardier than H. latifolia, Holboellia coriacea is regarded by many to be a variation of the same species, In hot summers it sometimes produces fleshy fruits containing many black seeds, fruit set has proved more reliable if two separate and unrelated plants are grown, both plants will then bear fruit. My plant has larger more pointed 3-5 leafleted leaves which are leathery, the flowers are larger but fewer than the Trehane form. In cold locations the flowers can still be frosted off so wall protection is advised, although the plants are perfectly hardy for growing outdoors. A pot full of this in a conservatory will fill the space with scent. Introduced by Ernest Wilson in 1907 from central china, with many more recent introductions since.

Holboellia coriacea Showing the larger female and slightly smaller male flowers


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