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Holboellia latifolia

I have been much confused over the naming of Holboellias and have recently changed my big Holboellia from latifolia to coriacea following conversations with Bleddyn Jones of Crug farm, my thanks to him in hopefully resolving the matter. It appears I had never had the plant Holboella latifolia but did have 3 or 4 distinct forms of coriacea! 

The picture below is my newly acquired plant of Holboella latifolia as supplied by Crug so hopefully in years to come I can produce these, the leaves look and feel quite different.

Now several years down the line and I can see no difference in hardiness to coriacea although we have not had a testing sort of winter.



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Leaves are quite distinctive

More pictures below

Holboellia latifolia Both male and female flowers in the forms I have are the same shade of pinky purple, scent is not as strong as the better forms of H. coriacea



But the flowers are more visible
Unripe fruits