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Jasminum azoricum

An evergreen twiner, which flowers in succession from late Spring to late Autumn the flowers are white and highly scented. You need virtually frost free conditions for Jasminum azoricum to do well outdoors but it makes a marvelous conservatory climber (min 0c) It is however surprisingly wind and salt tolerant making it possible to grow in coastal gardens, taking advantage of the milder conditions here. It hails from the Atlantic islands of Madeira and was first introduced in the late 1600's it gained an A.M. in 1934.

Jasmines species often exhibit two differing flower forms (like primroses) Thrum and Pin, the difference can be clearly seen in the two pictures. The plant does this to try and ensure it doesn't pollinate itself, but it is not the same as plants that have male and female flowers as both plants can carry seed.

All this is of interest only as there is no discernable difference in flower size, length of flowering, or scent, but if for any reason you should want viable seed then you need one of each!

Jasminum azoricum (thrum)


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Jasminum azoricum (pin)