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Jasminum officinale 'Affine'

This vigorous twiner is deciduous but hardy in the UK; it produces clusters of scented white flowers on the shoot tips from June to late autumn. The form Jasminum officinal 'Affine' has larger flowers than the type and the buds are tinged pink. It has been called Jasminum grandiflorum in the past but this is a separate and tender species. Will grow in any ordinary soils and provided there is good light and it is not too hard pruned it will flower well, the best scent being produced late in the day. It has a habit of keeping its leaves until after Christmas then suddenly losing them all at once, don't be alarmed, its normal for this plant in the UK!

The species has a wide range from Iran through to China and is thought to have been in cultivation by 1548 the form 'Affine' received an A.G.M in 1973

Jasminum officinale 'Affine'


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