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Lapageria rosea 'Avalanche'

New in 2007 to my collection this has clean white flowers not dissimilar to White Cloud. Like all Lapageria needs cool moist acid soil in shade, absolutely hates direct sun for any length of time, although the top of the plant will be happy if the lower part is shaded. The flowers are waxy bells of clean clear white. In flower from July through to March. Due to its flowering period and the fact that new growth can be frost damaged it needs a sheltered wall (min -4c) or grow it down the shady end of the conservatory.
The species comes from Chile; the majority of wild plants have cherry red flowers with occasional pale pinks and whites. Introduced around 1847.

The cultivar Lapageria 'Avalanche' was acquired direct from Chile but I can find no record of the name. never a strong plant it flowered a couple of times then nearly died in 2010, there has been a slow recovery since.

Lapageria 'Avalanche'

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