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Lapageria rosea

Exacting in its requirements, this most beautiful of climbers needs cool moist acid soil in shade, absolutely hates direct sun for any length of time. The flowers are a beautiful shade of cherry red and show up well against the dark leathery evergreen leaves, they are large and waxy. In flower from July through to March. Due to its flowering period and the fact that new growth can be frost damaged it needs a sheltered place (min -8c) or grow it down the shady end of the conservatory.
The species Lapageria rosea comes from Chile where its both endangered and the national flower (it is also the only species within the genus). Introduced to the UK around 1847. Known in Chile as el Copihue (ko-PEE-way) 

The straight species has an AGM and seed grown plants produce very attractive results in varying shades of red and pink. The plant we have as part of the national collection came from seed purchased from Chileflora

Link to the National collection of Lapageria cultivars


Lapageria rosea

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