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Plants held at Roseland House
English name Spanish names Native Chilean names remarks    Back
Beatrix Anderson     Large red, free flowering from Penheale plant
Flesh Pink      Pink free flowering from Penheale
Nash Court      Oldest surviving UK cultivar
Penheale      Red narrow  unflared flowers
Alba Flora      Specifically the white on the house at Penheale
Elizabeth      seedling pink here at Roseland House
"Precious Stones." Piedras Preciosas 'Caupolican' Large red,
Bread of Stone Pan de piedra 'Cobquecura' Large blush pink, Larenas family- El Vergel
'Red Cheeks'

syn 'Dr. Bullock'

Mejilla Roja' 'Collinge' Picottee,
Ox Blood syn "copihue negro"

Syn "Sangre de Toro"



Deep dusk red, Grollmuss family- El Vergel
    'Esquisita' White blush,
'White Cloud' "Nube Blanca" 'Ligtromu'  White, from El Vergel
'Mission Lace'     Red heavily spotted, 1952 California
'Montenegro 's Red'     Large red, Chilean
'Myrtle Wolf's Pink'     Pale pink with deeper shades, Ed Carmen of Los Gatos
Big Lion

Possibly syn 'Wisley Spotted'

"Leon grande" 'Nahuelbuta' White with violet markings, El Vergel
Angol Angol 'Ongol' Salmon rose, El Vergel
    'Quelipichum' Double red, Sweet family- El Vergel
Gold Flower "Flor de oro." 'Raimilla' Ivory white, random red/pink blotching.  Larenas family- El Vergel
Chief "Jefe de caciques." 'Toqui' Large white,
Strong Pink Rosado Fuerte   Salmon red
(flesh Pink) chile El Vergel   Pale pink
Waterfall Rainbow Arco Iris de la Cascada Relmutral White picottee
    PELARO red
Flower Flor Rayen Soft pink fades in heat 
 Humming Bird   Colibri   Pale pink
    Alcapan Large flowered white
    Colipan White with violet blue spotting
    Puren Strong pink
    Cheuguecura Soft pink
    Malleco Strong red
Pink Panther Pantera rosada   Rose Pink
Avalanche Avalancha   White
Land of Fire Tierra del Fuego   Red
Towers of Paine Torres del Paine   Snow white
    Concon Carlos Rendon seedling
    Consentida Carlos Rendon seedling
Andean Snowfall     White
Ana Maria     Pink


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