Lapageria availability information

Lapageria take a long time to grow on sufficiently to be of a salable size, typically 3-5 years for seedlings and sometimes longer for layers and cuttings of named plants.

2022 Still waiting on a lot of the seed grown plants to flower, very frustrationg!,

2023 Hoping for at least 1 plant of each of the following, 'Beatrix Anderson'  'Hugletts Blush'  'Ongol'  'Capoulican'  'Ramilla' 'Montenegro's Red' 'Pink Panther'  'Flesh Pink'   'Toqui' plus a couple of new ones

NB Although I still prefer to bring Lapageria plants to plant sales I have become a little more relaxed at sending them as all have so far arrived safe and well, so if you can't get down to Cornwall see the Events page for where we are going to be this year, maybe you can collect from a plant sale. If that's not possible I can send depending on the plant you are after.


Name Flowered:- number available
un-flowered:- number available Price When available 



Lapageria rosea pinks 2lt pots 0 3 35 Now
Lapageria rosea whites 2lt pots 0 15 35 Now
Lapageria Pink Panther 2lt   45 2023
Lapageria Anna Marie 9   65 2022/2023
Lapageria Andean Snowfall 2lt 3   65 2022/2023
Lapageria Flesh Pink 2lt 0   45 2023
Lapageria Beatrix Anderson 2lt pots 1   45 2023
Lapageria Ongol  2lt pots 1 45 2023
Lapageria ligtromu 2lt 0   45 2023
Lapageria Toqui 2lt 2   45 2023
Lapageria Raimilla 0   65 2023
Lapageria Montenegro's Red 0   65 2023