Lapageria availability information

Lapageria take a long time to grow on sufficiently to be of a salable size, typically 3-5 years for seedlings and sometimes longer for layers and cuttings of named plants.

Below you will find a table of the plants we have ready for sale plus those I expect to have during the current season,  2017

 I will put peoples names on them if they are nearly ready but I do rely on you getting back to me at the suggested time, I will not remember!

Named Lapageria; Here progress is very slow I am afraid, I am hoping for some small 'Ongol' plants in Summer 18, with the following coming along for 2018/19 this is still a long way from certain and these plants will be small


NB Although I still prefer to bring Lapageria plants to plant sales I have this year become a little more relaxed at sending them as all have so far arrived safe and well, so if you can't get down to Cornwall see the Events page for where we are going to be this year, maybe you can collect from a plant sale. If that's not possible I may agree to send depending on the plant you are after.

In my view 1lt pots are only suitable for growing on under protection and are not sufficiently well established to survive in the garden without help, 2lt and bigger are OK for going straight out.


Name Flowered:- number available
Use link to view actual flowers
un-flowered:- number available Price When available 
Lapageria rosea red/pink shades seed raised 1lt pots  0  



Lapageria rosea reds and pinks 2lt pots 0 20





Lapageria rosea reds and pinks in 4lt pots 0








Lapageria rosea whites and pale seed raised 1lt pots.    0 30  
Lapageria rosea whites 2lt pots 0   40  
Lapageria rosea whites 4lt pots 0   50  
Lapageria Pink Panther 1lt 0   25  
Lapageria Pink Panther 2lt 0   30  
Lapageria Flesh Pink 1lt 0   25  
Lapageria Flesh Pink 2lt 3   40 June 17
Lapageria Terra del Fuego  2lt pots 0   40  
Lapageria Beatrix Anderson 2lt pots 1   40 May 17
Lapageria Beatrix Anderson 1lt pots 0   25  
Lapageria Ongol  1lt pots 0   25  
Lapageria Nahuelbuta 1lt pots 0   25