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Lonicera x americana

This hybrid Honeysuckle is a cross between L. implexa and L. etrusca both from the Med. it gets its name Lonicera x americana from the fact the hybrid was first raised in the Americas!! The true form of this is Evergreen or semi-evergreen although for me it usually defoliates and isn't a suitable choice if "Evergreen" is wanted. It has strongly scented flowers in whorls at the ends of the shoots, from late May to late autumn the flowers are cream and pink. (see also Lonicera x italica which is often sold incorrectly as x americana) Because of its Med. origins it will put up with more sun than most honeysuckles but would prefer to be sited out of cold windy spots. Sadly I struggle to propagate this and its always in short supply

Lonicera x americana


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