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Lonicera japonica 'Acumen'

This form of Lonicera japonica is much more robustly evergreen with good foliage and none of the annoying leaf mildew problems often experienced with Lonicera japonica itself. The scented cream yellow flowers occur mainly in the summer and although not as large as other forms it is very free flowering even in shaded conditions,. The plant as a whole is much more use for screening and covering as it looks good all year round.

Has in the past been known as Lonicera acuminata but this is a separate species. The variety Lonicera japonica 'Acumen' was selected and sold by Darthuizer of Holland and is sometimes called 'Dart's Acumen'. It was selected originally to use as a ground cover plant.

Lonicera japonica 'Acumen'


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See below for general view of the plant on an old apple tree stump in my garden