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Aerial view of garden (October 24th 1999)

The axis of the length of the garden runs from the East at the top, down hill to the West at the bottom, forming a warm sunny slope. The house and conservatory face approx. South West. The top of the garden is Orchard (the little white dots are the hens!) Next are the two poly tunnels and greenhouses which form the Nursery, the squared off area to the left of the tunnels is a fruit cage - The sides of this are especially strong to take climbing plants.

Conservatory pictures

Plan view of garden

Pond picture

Upper Courtyard

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Picture of house in 1907


The rear of the house and barn form a series of courtyards, where advantage can be taken of the wind shelter created. The glass structures on the house front date from 1840 (although little of the original is left)

Although we get ground frosts during winter they seldom persist during the day, and the pond rarely freezes over. situated 5 miles from the coast Roseland is not as mild as many Cornish gardens, but we can still get away with a lot plants. On the other hand, the grass grows all year and so do slugs!

To the front of the house is a lot of planting surrounded by big hedges, once inside it is hard to imagine the garden is at the centre of a busy village. In all slightly more than one acre, it will take keen plant people a good while to go around.