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If it's on this list, we are growing the plant at the garden, inside or out.     
Although a lot of these plants are tender all will be happy in cold greenhouse conditions (not heated but prevented from dipping below 0c) and many will thrive in the right spot in the garden.

To buy mail order see "Terms and conditions" above

OS = Out of stock (usually temporary)

NA = Not available but still in the garden

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ABUTILON 'Hinton Seedling' £10.00 Evergreen lax shrub, red orange flowers. MORE#
ABUTILON 'Kentish Belle' £10.00 Evergreen lax shrub, yellow and orange flowers MORE#
ABUTILON 'Marion' £10.00 Evergreen lax shrub, orange flowers MORE#
ABUTILON megapotamicum £10.00 Evergreen lax shrub Ht 12, red and yellow flowers MORE#
ABUTILON x milleri £10.00 Evergreen lax shrub Ht 15 Orange flowers MORE#
ABUTILON 'Nabob' £10.00 Evergreen shrub Ht 10' Deep red flowers MORE#
ABUTILON Yellow 10.00 Evergreen shrub, large pale yellow flowers MORE#
ABUTILON 'Wisley Red' £10.00 Evergreen lax shrub Ht 15' Deep orange red flowers MORE#
ACOKANTHERA oblongifolia 15.00 Evergreen tree scented white flowers MORE#
ALOE cilliaris  £10.00 OS Evergreen trees and shrubs, yellow scented flowers MORE#
ANOMATHECA laxa £5.00 South African corms MORE#
Begonia luxurians 10.00 Tall cane stemmed Begonia MORE#
BRUGMANSIA hybrid £10.00 OS Evergreen shrub large scented apricot flowers MORE#
BUDDLEJA colvilei 'Kewensis' £12.50 Evergreen shrub scented deep pink flowers in early summer MORE#
BUDDLEJA forrestii £15.00 OS Evergreen shrub scented cream yellow flowers in late summer MORE#
BUDDLEJA madagascariensis  £15.00 Evergreen Shrub, scented yellow flowers MORE#
BUDDLEJA salvifolia £10.00 OS Evergreen Shrub, scented blue flowers. MORE#
CALCEOLARIA integrifolia 10.00 Evergreen Shrub,  yellow flowers MORE#
CALCEOLARIA pavoni 15.00 Tall yellow flowered perennial MORE#
CANNA brasiliensis £10.00 (canna collect only) Evergreen perennial, red and yellow flowers March to December, 3' MORE#
CANNA ehemanii 12.50   (canna collect only) Evergreen perennial, dusky pink flowers May to December, 6' MORE#
CANNA 'Panache' £12.50  (canna collect only) Evergreen perennial Apricot pink flowers all summer & autumn 6' MORE#
CANTUA buxifolia £12.50 OS Evergreen lax shrub, red flowers in spring/early summer MORE#
CESTRUM newelii 10.00 OS Evergreen shrub, red flowers all year MORE#
CLERODENDRUM myricoides 'Ugandense' 12.50  OS Evergreen blue flowered shrub MORE#
CORONILLA valentina £10.00 Evergreen Shrub, yellow scented flowers MORE#
ERIOBOTRYA japonica 12.50 OS till May 24 Small evergreen tree MORE#
EUONYMUS japonica Duc D' Anjou £10.00 OS Tall glossy leaved evergreen shrub MORE#
EUPATORIUM ligustrinium £10.00 Aromatic evergreen shrub, white scented flowers MORE#
FICUS carica (Fig) 'Brown Turkey' 10.00 Dark brown sweet tasting fruits MORE#
FUCHSIA boliviana £10.00 OS Evergreen shrub, red flowers MORE#
FUCHSIA paniculata £10.00 Evergreen shrub, masses of lilac and red flowers MORE#
GLOXINIA nematanthodes 5.00 small tubers produces masses of red flowers in late summer MORE#
  Hedychiums are for collect only - Nursery or plant sales  
HEDYCHIUM coccineum var. angustifolium £10.00  Perennial orange red flowers in late summer 4' MORE#
HEDYCHIUM densiflorum £10.00 Perennial, orange flower spikes in late summer, 4' MORE#
HEDYCHIUM gardnerianum £10.00 Evergreen perennial, cream flower spikes in late summer 5' MORE#
HEDYCHIUM greenii £10.00 Evergreen perennial, red flower spikes in late summer 5' MORE#
HEDYCHIUM Hybrid £10.00  Tresco#2 Evergreen perennial, cream scented flowers MORE#
HEDYCHIUM spicatum £10.00 Perennial, white and orange scented flowers in late summer MORE#
HEDYCHIUM 'Tara' 10.00 OS Evergreen perennial, red scented flowers MORE#
HEDYCHIUM yunnanense£10.00 Perennial, cream scented flowers MORE#
ISOPLEXIS canariensis £10.00 OS Evergreen tender shrub, orange flowers in summer MORE#
LONICERA x pupusii £10.00 Red flowered perennial MORE#
LONICERA rupricola syringantha £10.00  Medium shrub highly scented pink flowers MORE#
Reinwardtia indica 12.50 Evergreen shrub, scented yellow flowers in winter MORE#
SALVIA cacaliifolia 10.00 Tender sub shrub, bright blue flowers MORE#
SALVIA confertiflora 10.00 Tender sub shrub, orange flowers MORE#
SALVIA involucrata 'Hadspen' £10.00OS Sub Shrub, deep pink flowers. root hardy. MORE#
SENNA corymbosa £10.00 OS Evergreen shrub, yellow flowers. MORE#
TECOMA capensis £12.50 OS Evergreen shrub, orange flowers. MORE#
TEUCRIUM fruticans £10.00 Evergreen Shrub, pale blue flowers MORE#
TIBOUCHINA heteromalla syn grandifolia  £15.00 Evergreen Shrub, purple flowers MORE#
TIBOUCHINA paratropica £10.00 Herbaceous perennial, white flowers MORE#
TIBOUCHINA urvilleana £10.00 Evergreen Shrub, purple flowers MORE#
WATSONIA  'Arderns White'  £10.00 A Spring/early summer flowering corm. MORE#
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