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Fuchsia paniculata

A largish evergreen shrub, with large glossy green leaves (leaf stalks and ribs red) has large panicles of mauve pink flowers all summer and autumn. At first glance does not look much like a Fuchsia! sadly a touch tender and best if protected in winter. There are two ways of dealing with this, cut hard back and repot in spring. However if large un-pruned plants are over-wintered they will be in flower by April making it worth the space (min +1c). It makes a very good plant for summer and late summer colour and will over winter in the ground surviving -9c but can be slow to restart, it also a very good conservatory shrub because of the ability to cut it back hard and for it to still flower well. Ht in UK about 2.5M but larger in mild locations. 


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Fuchsia paniculata