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Small delicate leaves are strongly scented of Artimisia, some say lemon and spice


P. alchemilliodes
Nearly hardy rosette forming species with small pink flowers


P. australe
Tough small grower with round leaves and small pink flowers


P.'Attar of Rose'
Derived from P. capitatum which it resembles, the soft crinkly leaves are scented of Rose, flowers small and pale pink


P. 'Candy Dancer'
Fine cut leaves with a lemony scent, the flowers are pink and carried in profusion


P. 'Copthorne'
Vigorous scented leafed plant, very large flowers.


P. cordifolium
Strong upright growth, big grower, long flowering season

Bushy plant with bright green spiky leaves strongly scented of lemons

P. 'Clorinda' and 'Golden Clorinda'
These form tall plants with large pink flowers, they make good conservatory climbers if trained up. the leaves are strongly scented of Cedar/Eucalyptus. Golden Clorinda has gold edges to the leaves especially as they age.


P. 'Captain Starlight'
Why a beautiful plant has been saddled with such an awful name I don't know, this is an "Angel Pelargonium" and has no scent to the small neat leaves, forms a small bush about two feet across.

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