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Lonicera hildebrandiana

This is the giant Burmese honeysuckle, it has large leathery evergreen leaves, and enormous yellow deepening to orange flowers, scented, especially evenings and night time, it is unfortunately not hardy except on sunny walls in milder parts of the country, it also makes a spectacular cold conservatory plant with its large glossy evergreen leaves. First discovered by Henry Collett in the Shan Hills area of Burma in 1888 but it is also found in SW China and Thailand. It has a reputation for being shy to flower on young plants, however my young plant was gifted to me (Thank you Mike J) with a note to say that this form flowers as a young plant, and so it has. It does grow succesfully outdoors near the coast in places like Falmouth. Not easy to propagate and therefor always in short supply.

Lonicera hildebrandiana


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Here at Roseland House, its now settled and producing seed each year
Lonicera hilderbrandiana Seen flowering outside in the walled gardens at Heligan