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Passiflora mollissima

This easy evergreen climber uses tendrils to attach and is almost hardy here in Cornwall (but does best if wintered under glass) the pink umbrella flowers are showy and appear from July on, earlier if you put a pot full out in the spring. Once considered a species, it is now suspected this may be a naturally occurring hybrid. Like most Passiflora it flowers on new wood so can be hard pruned if required before growth starts in Spring. Passiflora mollissima makes a good cool conservatory plant. Easily confused with another pink flowered passiflora called P. tarmaniana The fruit when produced are nicer to taste than P. tarmaniana, tasting of Banana.


Passiflora mollissima

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Top picture under glass 1 year old plants flowering


Below outside in our garden growing through low shrubs, south westerly aspect

Passiflora mollissima