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Anomatheca laxa

Very pretty South African corms which flower right through the summer months, Anomatheca is proving hardy in the South and West but would need good drainage. We presently have four forms, the type which is a pretty cerise pink, a white and A. 'Joan Evans' which is white with a red eye. All about 9" to 12" high (the form Azurea has a different flowering period in early spring, and is slightly more tender). Very easy to grow, they bulk up very quickly. (Min temp -ground not frozen at corm level been fine at -8c)

Anomatheca laxa


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Anothmatheca 'Joan Evans'

Anomatheca 'Joan Evans'

Anomatheca laxa Alba
Anomatheca laxa 'Azurea' The mice have eaten all my corms of this so its no longer available!